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Pokestop and park near Distinctive Gold Jewelry in Frankfort

By Tony on 8/30/2016

Pokestops near frankfort il

For customers with kids that still have Pokemon Fever, we wanted to share the great Pokestop location near our jewelry store, as well as a great opportunity for your kids to stay engaged while you stop in at DGJ.

Our Pokestop in Frankfort, IL

There is a park behind our jewelry store, the park is off of crystal lake way, and it has a few great Pokestops and Pokemon located there. As well as a great jungle gym, swings and more. One of the many Pokestops in Frankfort, IL, you can find some water type at the pond near the park, and normal types of Pokemon that have been found all around Frankfort.

What gave us a great idea was that we found an Oddish actually in our store (see the pic). We will try and update with any great Pokemon we find at our store in Frankfort. However, we think we need some help to catch ‘em all!

odds pokemon at DGJ in Frankfort

We want to reward any of the trainers that catches a Pokemon in our store!

If you catch a Pokemon at DGJ in Frankfort, IL:

  1. Take a picture of the Pokemon in our store
  2. Share it with us in-store OR on our Facebook page
  3. Get a FREE ring pop from us!

We are going to give a Ring-pop to any kid (trainer) that can catch one in our store. Now we know that PokemonGo is not just for kids, so we aren’t going to put any age limit on it. Aren’t we all kids at heart?

So, stop on by and when you drop your watch off for repair or a cleaning for your engagement ring, don’t forget to stop at the Pokemon stop nearby and make sure your ‘trainer’ picks up some great (candy) jewelry too!

Pidgey outside of Distintive Gold Jewelry