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Great cuts, Great polish, Great design: The Lucére Cut

By Nancy DeRoo on 2/19/2017

What we're talking about is diamond design. There are some spectacular diamond cuts that bring out the best of brightness (white light) and fire (spectral colors). These are not just the standard cuts that have been around for many, many years.

Cutters have been able to bring more scintillation (sparkle!) out of a stone with more facets or combining styles of facets. Most women want more sparkle, they want people to grab their hand and say WOW! What a ring!

lucere cut

The one I’m going to focus on in this article is the Lucére cut. A great diamond ring, engagement or cocktail, should be like a small headlight that you can see across the room. When you are choosing a diamond, remember the 4 Cs! Just looking for a huge diamond that isn’t cut or polished correctly will not achieve that WOW factor! Proportion the stone to your hand. If you want more bling, add diamonds at the side of the main diamond and down the shank or in the gallery (the portion of the ring that you see when you make a fist) on the ring.

Because the Lucére has a greater depth than other square cut stones, it makes it a smaller size for the comparable carat weight. (if you compare a round brilliant to a Lucére) This depth pays off in the superior return of light (brightness) of this diamond. Remember the small headlight comment? This diamond will give exceptional brilliance and dispersion a.k.a. fire. That’s the ultimate goal in wearing a diamond, we want exceptional! We want the WOW factor! The diagram I included shows that the Lucére has a step cut on the crown and a pavilion that is cut similar to the round brilliant cut to accentuate the sparkle. We love sparkle!!

Now, place this exceptional cut diamond in an exceptional setting, possibly with a square halo surrounding it and with diamonds down a split shank….the fire from that ring will be phenomenal.

A ring that daughters and granddaughters will argue about who inherits the ring, a ring that you wore and marveled at your entire life.