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DGJ Maintenance Suggestions by Maria -Still current!!

By Nancy DeRoo on 3/13/2018


Your jewelry should never be compromised by improper care. Here are some DO'S and DON'TS for success.

 Platinum, White Gold, and Silver, white metals in general, are typically much more high maintenance.

DO be aware of your activity while wearing your rings/watches.

DO have your primary rings checked every 4 months. Watches when necessary

DON'T hesitate to have your ring/watches checked if it has been knocked /bumped. Watches are subject to problems when bumped

DON'T wear your rings/watches in harmful chemicals, i.e., swimming pools, bleach, chlorinated water, or hard water.

DON'T wear any jewelry to bed.

DO expect your gold/silver/watches and jewelry, that is worn every day, to stretch and show metal fatigue at hinges or clasp ends.

DO expect your clasp to be a wearing part and need to be adjusted every 4 months if worn every day, and replace when worn.

DO ask if your Watch purchase is water resistant, and how to keep it water sealed.

DON'T pull the crown out of your watch to save the battery life; you may promote it to leak.

DO have your earring post, European backs, hinges, push/screw nuts and regular backs replaced when worn. DON'T wear earrings to bed.

Pearls DO need to be restrung annually or depending how much they are worn possibly bi-annually.

DO realize that we live in an oxidizing environment. Your gold jewelry will and can tarnish, and be accelerated by body chemistry and or jewelry cleaning fluids. DO ask how to retard tarnishing.

DO ask about the details to promote proper care of your gemstones: i.e. from thermal shock to opals to proper storing of diamonds with softer gemstones.