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What's in your Easter Egg?

By Nancy DeRoo on 3/20/2018

What’s in your Easter Egg?

What would the bunny put in your egg? We all love Easter Egg Hunts! Candy? Chocolate? Diamonds?

Easter…The renewal of life, of growth, of faith. Think Spring!!

Is it time to add a faith piece to your jewelry wardrobe?  Look for a diamond cross, or if money doesn’t allow, a simulant (cubic zirconia).  If bling isn’t your thing, a sterling silver or gold cross will help you on your journey. It can be your touch-stone piece, in times of trouble reach up and touch your cross and realize your belief carries you through.  There are modern cross pieces laying side-ways, pendants and rings.

How did the Easter bunny tie in with Easter, the Christian holy day?  Well in folklore, don’t all stories start that way?  Around the 1600s, German Lutherans created the bunny; it was a judge of whether children were good or bad around Eastertide, hence, the reward of sweets.

Easter also means colors! Pastels in particular!  You start wearing lighter colors in your clothing; your jewelry should reflect that as well.  As a very astute, jeweler’s wife once asked me; do you choose your jewelry, then your clothing? YES, yes I do.

Good Spring colors: Peridot, pale Citrine, Pink Topaz, Pink Sapphire, yellow sapphire, sky blue Topaz, Aquamarine (my favorite), Heliodor, pale Tazanite or Kunzite.

Find a great ring to brighten your mood.  Add a Spring Chamilia charm: bunny charm or pastel glass bead (like Italian candy coated almonds) or dangling crosses.