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The BIG Three...

By Nancy DeRoo on 4/22/2018

The BIG three…

Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires, these are considered the preeminent precious gemstones.  Jewel tone colors, not pastels, they draw your eye. They can be more expensive than diamonds.  Keep in mind diamonds are found on most continents of the world!  DeBeers would like you to think they are rare, well larger sizes are.

Emeralds are the most stunning, spectral green; green goes with everything, look at the flowers all their leaves are green!  If you were born in May this is the your birthstone as well.

Rings can be made as stackables with Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires.  Emerald is one of the prestigious gemstones to aspire to own.  If someone asked you which gemstone you liked, out of all gemstones, most people would name one of the big three.  They’re rare, beautiful and very durable, can be worn on a daily basis with confidence of no damage.  It can be your signature ring, the one your children will want to inherit or want to be able to purchase themselves when they get their great job!

We all window shop on jewelry, what’s your favorite color?  Jewel tones?  Pastels?  They can all be paired with accents of diamonds.

Take a look at this beautiful Emerald ring, remember rings and bracelets are for your viewing pleasure!