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A rose is a rose....

By Nancy DeRoo on 6/14/2018

A rose is a rose….

When you order roses to be sent to someone, you realize that they are grown in a greenhouse, not in a backyard somewhere.  But, is it still a real rose?  ...YES!!  It smells like a rose, looks like a rose, hasn’t had bugs chewing its petals, outstanding shape and color, it’s near perfect!

The same can be found in colored gemstones.  Lab grown sapphires are beautiful!  The inclusions in them are so similar to natural it can be tricky to identify.  Oh, you can but, I have to be honest, I would rather have the lab grown, near perfect in color and clarity gemstone.  When you are asked, is that real, the answer is yes, it is a real sapphire.  When tested, these have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined sapphires.

DGJ is now offering the same idea in diamonds.  Yes, lab grown diamonds.  These have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties of a mined diamond.  When tested with a diamond tester, it tests as a diamond, because it is!  The brand we have partnered with is Eco Rock.

To grow a diamond conditions must be re-created that happen in nature.  Here’s the difference: these are conflict-free and environmentally friendly.  They are Type IIa stones.  Type IIa happen naturally in mined diamonds.  They are laser inscribed by Eco Rock to identify  them.  Have I peaked your curiosity yet?  Just to come and take a look?  Here’s one more thing, wait for it…they are more reasonably priced, allowing you to choose a larger stone!

If you have read some previous blogs, you’ll recall my “little headlight” comment.  As you can see in the pictures within this blog, you get that affect.  We have pictured a naturally mined diamond next to an Eco Rock diamond, can you tell which is which?  I thought so…  They are graded H in color and 1 carat each.  We have included a shot of the Eco Rock on the cover page, placed in a simple setting (don’t look at my hand girls, I’m a G’Ma!). I handled them sitting across from Tony and he  had to look through a loop at the girdle to see which was the lab grown!   Being the gem geek I am, I appreciated that  fact!

The picture shows the mined diamond on the left and the lab created on the right.  Both are the same quality and graded the same color.

I have also included the list of comparisons for you eco-friendly peeps out there to read. 

Please come in and touch, feel, and look through a loop, at these diamonds.  Take the money you save and go on a vacation to Hawaii.  I lived there for a few years, I can recommend some things to do…