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Chlorine vs Gold

By Nancy DeRoo on 8/14/2018

Keeping your house clean, swimming daily in your backyard pool, who knew that those activities can cause horrific damage to your wedding rings or your cross necklace that you wear daily?

Chlorine bleach is a caustic chemical.  It may keep your family from getting the flu by cleaning your bathrooms with it, but use gloves when you dip your hands into that solution to wash away those germs!

Love to swim in your pool?  The same chemical is keeping the germs out of your pool’s water.  You may not see some of the effects immediately, but if you put your gold under a microscope you would be able to see pitting beginning.  Especially if you are an avid swimmer in a chlorinated pool!

We have some examples of what can happen to your lovely pieces that one of our customers so graciously allowed us to include in this blog.  There is no salvaging this piece.  It can’t be re-plated with a thin layer of gold.  What has happened is the copper alloy portion of the gold has been dissolved away!

Looking fashionable at the beach or pool is one thing, keeping your jewelry safe during that activity is important especially that chlorine pool!