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Remember I Love You (Oldest Child) Necklace

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SKU:   R410030:1010:P
Price:   $94.92   
R410030 / Sterling Silver / 28.05X24.67 Mm / Polished / Rem I Lov You (Oldest) Pnd W/C
Remember I Love You (Oldest Child) Necklace
  • This item comes with 18" chain, a gift box and a card with story.
  • From Deborah J. Birdoes' extraordinary Inspirational Blessingsā„¢ Collection of Jewelry.

    Remember I Love You (Oldest Child)
    You were our very first. We wanted you so much. You had fulfilled our dreams and were the beginning of our family. You were the one that we experimented on and would never let go. Everything we bought had to be new and sterilized.
    The day you were born you received brand new parents and unused grandparents. You opened the door to a miracle for us. You taught us things that we did not even know ourselves, like how much love a heart could hold. You forgave us easily for the times we didn't know what we were doing, while we were trying to work out what it meant to be a parent. You just smiled patiently and let us grow.
    We were fascinated by your wonder, which you always shared with us. We rediscovered the world and all its mysteries through your eyes. You narrowed the road from learning to simply fun. You were the one who helped us get through our fears. You have been with us the longest. Always remember how much we love you.
  • Manufacturer: Distinctive Gold Jewelry