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Drone Delivery Application Form for Distinctive Gold Jewelry

Apply here to get your gift delivered by drone from Distinctive Gold Jewelry! DGJ prides itself as the only jewelry store in the area to have the ability to deliver it's packages by drone. Although there are many possible hazards to doing this, we believe that the experience is one of a kind and can't be beat. Our Drone has the ability to record video at the time of delivery giving you a great video to share with friends and family for years to come. So whether you are looking to get engaged by drone or just want to experience the one of a kind delivery, Distinctive Gold Jewelry will do it's best to achieve this goal for you.

Apply below with your name, contact info, and your reasoning behind doing this delivery and we will get in touch. Please remember there are a lot of factors with the drone delivery (FAA laws, environment, and safety) that effect our ability to achieve the drone delivery. Please keep in mind that we currently have one drone with the abillity to deliver, so we are limited by capacity and capability. Our two goals are to A) get the product safe and properly to it's destination and B) ensure that the one of a kind experience is satisfactory for our customer. Distinctive Gold Jewelry reserves the right to accept or decline participation in any deliveries based on the above factors.

See below to apply for the experience and see our previous deliveries!

Drone Delivery Application Form

City to Deliver to
Target Date(s)
Phone Number
Email Address
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Previous Drone Deliveries by Distinctive Gold Jewelry

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