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19991 S. LaGrange Rd
Frankfort, IL 60423
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The Jewelry Store for Mokena, IL

Distinctive Gold Jewelry honors Fallen Solider from Mokena IL

Distinctive Gold Jewelry honors the fallen soldier from Mokena, IL with yellow ribbons.

Distinctive Gold Jewelry and Mokena Illinois have been tied together for many years. With our jewelry store being located so close to Mokena, it is sometimes easier to describe directions to our jewelry store as being half in Mokena and half Frankfort. Since we are located right on that border, in someways Mokena and Distinctive Gold Jewelry are inseparable. Even before we moved 15 years ago to our current location, we had customers make the trek from Mokena, IL. This loyal customer base we can not thank enough. Which we are sure they were happy when we moved our jewelry store to our current location closer to the area.

Bridal and Engagement Rings in Mokena, IL

For years we have relied on the word of mouth from our Mokena customers, and every time a recommended customer comes in, we see how important our staff and store is to the community. Our customer service and interactions with our customers is our focus. We consider it our Distinctive difference that every other jewelry store can't match.

One thing we see is that many of our recommended customers for bridal and engagement rings come from Mokena. We love this! With such a young and growing community, seeing a couple start their journey with Distinctive Gold makes us happy. Whether they came recommended from a co-worker, parent or our Blackhawks commercials we value them and the entire Mokena area customers.

We love to see that the couples that we first met from getting engaged with us continue to come back. As the community grows and their family does to, they bring their ring in for a regular check up and we check up with their lives too. Then something special happens, we see their story come full circle. This happens when we see the couple that got engaged with us many years ago, have children that come to our jewelry store and start the relationship in the same way; Asking us the question: What engagement ring should I get? While reminding us "Don't tell Mom and Dad yet!"

Jewelry Repair and Service in Mokena, IL

With our over 40 years of jewelry experience, we have seen it all. Jewelry can be finicky, we all know that. At Distinctive Gold Jewelry, our motto is to guarantee that our customers get the best and top quality repair, and that they get exactly what they want. Whether our advice is "That's a tough one, but we will give it a shot" to "We will have it polished and cleaned in 15 minutes!", we guarantee that our service is top quality. From simple fixes to once in a life time repairs like fixing Michael Jordan's Trophy (Ask Tony about that one!), our expert Goldsmiths and Gem-Setters that are in-house and on-site guarantee that we can help facilitate all your jewelry needs. Our services include:

  • Polishing & Cleaning
  • Custom Designs (CAD)
  • Watch Repairs
  • Jewelry Appraisals
  • Sodering, Sizing, & more!

Our number one priority is our customers and their jewelry. One thing that we appreciate is that Mokena, IL residents trust us to be the jewelry store that they trust with all their jewelry needs and repairs. Our quality and customer service is what we strive for, and in doing that properly we know that our Mokena customers jewelry is sparkling.

Distinctive Gold Jewelry Serves Mokena

We can't thank our Mokena customers enough for giving us the support and trust with their jewelry. Distinctive Gold is humbled by the support of our customers, and we do our best to give back. Whether it has been creating the garden flags in order help raise awareness, funds and support to fallen police officer's families in Mokena, to being involved with St. Mary's church in Mokena, IL. We do our best to give back and serve our customers and community to the best of our abilities. So whether customers want to come in to our store and see our variety of jewelry or the want to check out some of our pieces at our online store, we are here to help you. Contact us through our website or give us a call at 815-469-2929 to catch up, or let us help answer a few questions!

 "When it has to be exceptional, call Distinctive Gold Jewelry!"