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2016 Preview and Year in Review for DGJ

DGJ's Year in Review and 2016 Preview

Hello all and Happy New Year! We are already 5 days into the new year and Distinctive Gold Jewelry is excited for what is to come! We want to take this time to sit back and reflect on this past year and thank you all for being a part of it! We have had quite an eventful year, we had a variety of cool events and promotions and updates to how we are serving our customers.

We were so happy with this year that we made a video that hi-lights a select few events in the year that made it special and memorable. Below you can see the video and view images from distinctive engagements to the drone delivery.

Distinctive Gold Jewelry's Top 5 of 2015
Below we have hi-lighted our top 5 picks of events in 2015 for DGJ. These range from our events, brands we started carrying and more! Read below about each of them and why we picked them!

1. Drone Delivery in Frankfort, IL
This is something we are extremely proud of. We delivered our first gift by drone delivery! This delivery was to one of our customers and thanks to Aerial Photographs Illinois, we were able to achieve this. In case you missed it, you can learn more about the Drone Delivery here. Our plans for 2016 have to do with this, but we will get to that at the end!

2. Engagement Rings and Proposals
Obviously a defining trait of getting a beautiful engagement ring at Distinctive Gold Jewelry in Frankfort, IL is the unique experience and ring itself. However, our favorite part about diamonds and engagement rings is the proposal! This year we had a ton of great engagements and have shared them on our Facebook page! If you are looking for any tips for your proposal, be sure to reach out to us and we will be happy to help! And always be sure to share with us the proposal pics!

3. Men's Night
One of the coolest events that we have done in our history is our Men's night! In the past and previous years we have had many after hours trunk shows from Chamilia to a women's oriented night at DGJ. But this year we decided to give the Men a taste of what a night at DGJ is like! We offered a Blackhawks raffle, a tasting from Frankfort spirits, Pronto Pizza Kitchen and more! We are sure to do this again, but we think first we need to give the Ladies a night to themselves with all the jewelry, have any ideas? Send us your thoughts and contact us with them!

4. Online Jewelry Store
This is something that we know not a lot of local jewelers do and we think it is something that sets us apart from the other stores. Our customers have the ability to Search and Shop from home or get information on some of the brands that we carry. Although we don't share all of our jewelry online, customers can search for styles and pieces they like so they have an idea before they come into the store. So whether you want to research for something before you come in, or buy online, DGJ's online store is secure and we assure you that you can find everything in our store.

5. Freida Rothman Jewelry at Distinctive Gold
Last but not least, a top event in 2015 is picking up and carrying Freida Rothman Jewelry. We are the only store in the area that currently carries the brand and we LOVE it! It has affordability in mind and is fashion focused in all of it's designs. With the trend of gold and yellow jewelry and big colors coming back, Freida Rothman was a no brainer! If you want to see more, check it out in our store and learn more about it here!

Honorable Mentions:
We would put every custom made ring or jewelry brand we carry on this list if we could, because everything we do for our customers and all the products we carry we fully believe in and back fully. There are a few honorable mentions that we would like to acknowledge which includes:

The Galatea Momento Pearl
With the momento pearl, Android users can send personalized messages in their jewelry to commemorate special events and tell those you love everything in your own voice. A way that technology has fused with the jewelry industry to make cool and exciting pieces.

Studio D'Ortenzio Original Skeleton Key Rings
Something that you can only find at distinctive Gold Jewelry. Inspired by the skeleton Keys you may find in the drawer or in a medieval castle, these rings are one of a kind and beautiful.

Endless Jewelry
Although it is not a "new-comer" to Distinctive Gold like Freida Rothman Jewelry was this year, we would like to state it within this section to acknowledge the fact that it again has shown to be a reliable option for a charm bracelet. Reinventing the charm bracelet with a leather strap design and the beautiful charms from Jennifer Lopez in the "JLO colleciton". Endless Jewelry has become a staple at Distinctive Gold Jewelry and has won the hearts of all those in Frankfort, IL.

Preview and Predictions for our Jewelry Store in 2016
2016 preview for jewelry industry and store

We are excited to see what 2016 has in store for us and we know you will be too! From what we have seen in the industry we have our Predictions and Preview of the year and we think you will all be extremely happy and satisfied!


1. Engagement Ring Drone Delivery in 2016

We found a lot of success with our first ever Drone Delivery, but for 2016 our goal is to capture and deliver an engagement ring and proposal all through drone! If there are any couples out there or there is a couple that you think would love this, please let us know or tell them about us and our delivery system! If they are looking to get in touch with us, they can reach out to us through our Drone Delivery Form and we can contact them to set up the delivery!

2. Blackhawks Ticket Giveaway
Like the Hawks, Distinctive Gold Jewelry has ONE GOAL too, LOVE! More to come soon on this, but we want to hear from our customers and learn about their stories of Love. The contest and rules will be released soon, but it will be a perfect surprise for that sweetheart right before Valentine's Day. Keep posted it will be coming soon!

3. Increase in Yellow Gold and Gold Jewelry in Fashion
We are already seeing this, but we expect to see this become more and more prevalent as the year goes on. This trend can be seen on TV, Movies and advertised everywhere! This is one of our reasons to bringing in the Freida Rothman Jewelry brand to our store. It has the comfort of styles in silver but also with great accents of gold.

4. Increase in Online Store Purchases and Views
We were so happy and proud to see that many customers that found us on the web searched our online store and inventory to help find what they are looking for. Although our online store does not have every piece that Distinctive Gold Jewelry has to offer, we keep it up to date and add as much as we can to it. We have seen customers searching our store online and coming into our brick and mortar store in Frankfort, IL to purchase. When they do come in they get exactly what they saw online, or other options that we have. Either way they leave happy as always!

5. Beautiful Designs and Beads coming from Chamilia in 2016
Again Chamilia is coming into it's own, we have seen it when it originally picked up Disney as it's bead. But now that they have discontinued with Disney and are really starting to embrace other avenues like Swarovski crystal. Chamilia will be giving Pandora a run for it's money! They are offering more than just sterling silver bracelets now; they have rings, necklaces and more and in 2016 we are seeing some seriously gorgeous and innovative beads and designs in the works. Stay tuned to see what will be coming!

For all the reasons above you can see why we are happy with 2015 and are excited for what is to come in 2016! Be sure to stay in touch and up to date with us by stopping in at the store off of LaGrange Road in Frankfort or connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and social media!

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