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3 Jewelry Travel Tips

3 Jewelry Travel Tips for Frankfort, IL

Whether you’re on your honeymoon, or that ever needed vacation. We have some recommendations for safety while vacationing and things while you’re gone.

1. Always have a watch that can be helpful for when you’re many time zones away.


Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT Limited Edition - This watch is a great example of what guys like. Travel is ultra-cool with this black PVD globetrotter at hand. Mastering the time across 24 time zones, the Jazzmaster GMT Limited Edition uses contrasting grey and bright red elements for easy orientation and visual appeal. Only 999 lucky wearers will be able to obtain this limited edition ticket to freedom.


Hamilton Ladies Ventura - This for the ladies this watch will keep you sheik and sporty at the same time. Having started its life as a pioneer, the Hamilton Ventura continues to make a bold statement over half a century later in the form of a modern lady edition. This special timepiece integrates touches of the unexpected to give its classic inspiration a futuristic and edgy feel. The familiar shield shape of the case gets a distinctively contemporary look through smoothed surfaces. The angular crown is integrated into the case with its pointed tip signaling 3 o’clock. The white and mother of pearl dial has a racy looks. Celebrating modernity, the case elegantly flows into a stylish, smooth white rubberstrap.

2. Pay attention to your jewelry


The biggest mistakes newlyweds do is wear them at the pool. You’re in the sun and then go in the cool ocean water and when your hand shrinks instantly, off goes that cool titanium or diamond band sinking into the sand. Most hotel rooms are equipped with an in room safe that can keep it safe. A Jewelers Mutual survey of 600 married women found that more than 25 percent have lost a piece of jewelry while vacationing.

Be sensible with your style and what you share to strangers as well:

- A proper ring needs to be worn cause leaving your ring in a safe place at home is just not cool. We recommend a low profile but significant ring like this (pictured above) makes a proper fashion statement. Sometimes what you wear may tell too much, be sensible!

- The other “can’t help myself” no no, is never ever, EVER post pics on Facebook while away vacationing. The moment is cool but it can wait. And who wants to invite the bad guy to come to your house un-invited.

3. Hedge your bets, get it insured!

We all know that Airport security and jewelry can bring anxiety but trust me when your stuff goes through the ex-ray machine yes it’s a picture proof you have your stuff. Don't worry but always rememeber it is better to be on the safe side. Always hedge your bets on proper insurance, Jewelers Mutual stated Effective January 1, 2015, both new and existing policyholders automatically enjoy expanded coverage - at no additional cost - to include additional preventive repair, helping you avoid a larger, more painful in the event their is jewelry loss.

We hope this helped, let us know if you have additional tips & tricks for traveling with jewelry? Tell us in the comments below. Or share them with us on Facebook! We’d love to hear them!

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