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April a month for diamonds

APRIL …the month of diamonds

April is such a great month. Spring flowers are starting to bloom, daffodils, tulips, crocus, and hyacinths. If you are lucky enough to be born in this month, you bloomed!! You also have diamond as your birthstone!

A diamond is a diamond, mineral content of pure carbon, whether you choose a mined diamond or a lab grown, conflict free diamond. It is one of the most desired gemstones in the world.

Let’s go over the basic list of what should be in your jewelry wardrobe:

• 14kt Gold (yellow or white) hoop earrings

• Pearl earrings (fresh water or Akoya) 6-7mm

• Diamond stud earrings – any carat weight within your budget

• 14kt gold bangle (yellow or white) bracelet – I’d suggest a flat bangle (opens to lay flat but, wears as a bangle)

• 14kt gold (yellow or white) 18” chain, substantial enough to hold a pendant

• A diamond solitaire pendant – any carat weight within your budget

Now, even if your birthstone is Precious Topaz (me) we all love a good diamond.

If you choose a lab grown diamond, you are acquiring a nearly flawless gemstone, something that may be out of your reach if it was a mined diamond. Of course, the goal in diamonds, whether it is an engagement ring or a pendant, is the 1 carat size. BUT, I can tell you a .50 point (1/2) carat pendant is a very tasteful size. You can choose whatever shape diamond you would like as a pendant. Traditional shapes are round, emerald, princess, and oval. I have spoken about the little headlight theory in a number of my other blogs. If you select colorless, D-E-F; or near colorless, G-H-I, it will be noticed across the room, no matter what size it is. That’s brilliance! The flashes of color are scintillation. Let me show you a stunning, lab created diamond pendant that we have available in a round brilliant cut:


Can’t you just picture this around your neck? I rarely take mine off. It is an item that will be passed down in the family. Maybe its new life will be someone’s engagement ring, as mine originally was.

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