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August Green

Yellow-Green of August

The color green is one of the most popular colors. It goes with everything, think leaves of flowers, no matter what color the flower is, it has green leaves! I should mention here, it is my youngest grandson’s favorite color and my oldest grandson’s birthstone color. Peridot is the birthstone of August.

Peridot has a special green color; it is a yellow green hue. Legend has it, that this stone was Cleopatra’s “emerald”. It glows (fluoresces) in low light. Peridot is found deep in the earth’s mantle, it is pushed up to the surface by volcanoes, it is also found in meteorites, the gemstone of stardust. Peridot was believed to protect from terrors of the night; it was worn to ward off evil spirits. In Arabic, the word gem is faridat, which the word Peridot originates from.

I met a woman who wore a Peridot ring and told me the story that her husband proposed to her on the green sand beach on the Big Island of Hawaii and she wears it as a memory piece of that day.

Peridot with great faceting and color is a remarkable gemstone. It should never be a muddy color and if you see Peridot in some chain stores in the mall, it appears dull.

You can wear any color green with other colors. It is one of the complimentary colors. You won’t see this gemstone everywhere, so if you are looking for something unique, think Peridot. As you can see below I couldn't pick just one!

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