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Bella Cavo

Bella Cavo

Jewelry makes your outfit. Sometimes adding a new piece to an existing outfit, yes pick your jewelry out first ladies, can totally change the “look” of what you are wearing.

Bella Cavo in Italian means beautiful cable; Kelly Waters Bella Cavo line has flexible cable bracelets and rings inspired by great Italian designs, in Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating, as well as, 24kt gold over pieces.



Sterling Silver is the most reflective of all the metals, Rhodium plating over the Sterling Silver gives you a non-tarnish finish that is carefree. This line of jewelry also carries men’s designs!

The bangles are flexible (great to stretch out or squeeze in) and some have simulated diamonds that start at $69.95 (and who doesn’t love bling?!) Whether you are a millennial or a boomer, a lightweight bangle that is none the less strong, is an asset to that jewelry box you’re building! Stack ‘em together or with your gemstone bracelets. Bangles stacked together give a great look. Got any Alex and Ani bracelets? Add a Kelly Waters bangle next to it. Bright bracelets with great design that have that cable inspiration are so on trend and it won’t break the bank! It makes the existing have a new flair. Never just give up the older styles, add to them!!

Remember never stop adding to that jewelry repertoire, they get passed on to the next gen!

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