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Holiday Engagement?

By Nancy DeRoo on 10/21/2019

Looking for a holiday engagement? 

Christmas Eve is one of the most popular days to get engaged.  So, if you are thinking that you’d like to mark your occasion on that day, you better start now.

There’s a lot to consider: size, shape, color, solitaire, halo, wide band or narrow band or matching bands and just the stand alone engagement ring.  There is also the European shank choice, the gallery design, yes ladies, when you look down at your ring from the angle let’s say as if you’re typing, you can have design, diamonds, colored stones.  It’s the little things that make a ring, ooo! That ring! 

Also, you now have the choice of purchasing a lab grown diamond (wow! Clarity and Color is A-mazing) saving you money that you may put towards that halo or side stones!  You may be a purist and opt to get a from the earth diamond.  The thought that it grew millions of years to get to you may be something you want.  Personally, I’d go for color (lab grown).

Color in a diamond really means lack of color.  A .25ct diamond with great color can be seen across the room.  If you go with the ‘what-every-woman-wants’ milestone of 1ct can you imagine the brilliance (reflection of white light) you will get across the room?  Most of us love it when somebody says “I love your ring” or “let me see your ring”.