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CAD Design

CAD Design

Many times when choosing a design for jewelry, you like many different styles and cannot seem to choose between many. This is where sitting with a design specialist and having a CAD experienced jeweler comes in to guide your process. They can assist with diamond shape as well as how it will look in a setting. A rendering is sketched up and your basic design can be seen.



You may take say, a wide band, a halo of diamonds, and yellow gold thinking this is all I need, can we make this pretty? Your design specialist can suggest a number of different variations on this to make your ring unique. After determining what your basics are, they can turn it into a rendering that can take your breath away!


The CAD program allows for changing colors on gold choices and you can see it! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Now, that basic description that you gave has life. You can see if you want a 6 prong head with rose gold instead of a 4 prong with yellow gold. It allows you to see different views: vertical or horizontal setting.


You inherited your mother’s wedding band and want to take the diamonds out and refresh them in a new design that is you. But, you want to keep the band. You can make multiple items with those two products! The diamonds can be placed in a necklace perhaps or redesigned with sapphires (because that was her birthstone) back on a by-pass designed ring. The original band can be re-used with your favorite gemstone placed on it, so every time you wear it, you’re spending time with your mother! It doesn’t even have to stay in the design that held her diamonds. A basket can be placed on the band to hold your gemstone; around that basket could be colored diamonds!


Your wedding diamonds can be split up between your daughters and pendants made so each of them has a memento of you. You can pass your previous engagement ring gemstones on to a granddaughter and her wedding set will have provenance! (history)

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