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Chain strength

Chains are essential for our pendants, but they can also be worn layered together as their own design element.

Standard lengths are 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”. You can purchase 30” and also have others shortened to a custom length to sit at the chic, collarbone length.

There are many, many, styles of chain designs. The most important thing to look for when making that purchase, no matter what the design, is strength. How many of you have pulled a sweater over your head and caught your chain and snapped it? Yes, yes, I see you nodding, me too.

First off, I know a lot of you love sterling silver, nice choice, the most reflective metal in the world. But, you don’t get the malleability of gold. For example I’m attaching a picture of my custom ring made by Distinctive Gold. See the gap between the two sides? I have caught this ring and stretched (yes stretched) it to more than 1” apart. That is the super ability of gold! Never broke the sizing point in the back of the ring.

There are different weights of chains, as well as, chain designs. I like a little more hefty chain if I’m going to trust my diamond pendant to that chain. Tony told me that the best chains (silver, gold) have the puddle ability. Holding the chain up in one hand pool it into the other, it should be a smooth process, no kinks. Then, roll the whole chain in your hand trying to get it to knot. If it doesn’t, that is a good pendant chain, even if it is a lighter weight. Don’t forget that a chain that has a bit of diamond cutting adds sparkle to the whole look with your pendant.

I’m a firm believer of look at the clasp, as well as, the puddle affect of the chain. You want something that will stand up to that baby pulling on it. Truth be told, most chains never break at the clasp, they break along the chain somewhere. Also, may I suggest that you look at the type and size of the clasp? Ladies with long fingernails have a harder time opening a round, small clasp and the same goes for anyone having flexibility issue with their fingers. You can ask to have the clasp changed out on your existing chains or on the one you want to purchase. I like a little bigger (not huge) lobster claw. They even make a swivel lobster claw clasp. Great on bracelets ladies, it rolls and doesn’t twist and break!

Another option, is have Distinctive Gold order a magnetic adapter for your chain if you don’t want to deal with the clasp issue. They make great strong earth magnet adapters that you can trust with your important pieces and they can be obtained in 14kt gold.

I’m including a few shots of different chain types and the puddle affect.


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