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Cushion Cut Diamond


This diamond shape harks back to the nineteenth century, even though it looks up to date and very modern. For more than 70 years until the turn of the 20th century this was simply how diamonds were cut! The cushion was one of the most popular cuts of diamonds EVER! It was originally known as the “old mine cut”, a square shape with rounded corners. It resembles a pillow shape. It was named after the Brazilian mines, which after the discovery in South Africa, became known as the old mines.

The number of facets originally was 58, while the modern cushion we know has 64 facets. As with a lot of cuts, more facets can be added to slightly change the look from the standard traditional cut. Cushions are a little less brilliant (white light -sparkle!) than a round brilliant diamond, but are more dispersive (spectral colors- fire).

There are two patterns of cushion cuts classified by GIA, Cushion Brilliant and Modified Cushion Brilliant (which has an extra row of facets just below the girdle). The Modified Cushion Brilliant often has exceptional sparkle; exhibiting the “crushed ice” look of a well cut radiant diamond. Wow! What a look in an engagement ring, sparkle and fire! A little headlight from across the room!

Some of the world’s most famous diamonds happen to be cushion cut, for example, the Hope Diamond and the Regent Diamond. There has been an increase in demand starting about ten years ago and a large surge in popularity since the Bachelor TV series highlighted a 2.07 carat cushion on the show.

This shape diamond lends itself to a wonderful look for an engagement ring with a diamond halo. They can be cut square or rectangular. Are you ready for your bachelor to propose with a cushion?

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