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Drum roll please....

And the Pantone color of the year 2019 is…….

Living Coral - Pantone 16-1546

It is a warm, peachy orange with a golden undertone.

In the determination of which color they will choose, they look at what people are doing in beauty and fashion, and even art. Living Coral is an intimate, warming, optimistic, color. You think tropics, warm breezes, oceans. (sigh!) I need to book a flight.

Everything from furniture to clothing will be displaying this color. Love coral? Your new Artisan stand mixer is even going to be in this lovely color.

Coral colored gemstones are flattering to all skin tones. Large peachy-pink coral gems set in yellow or even rose gold are gorgeous! Set them in earrings next to your face even better. This color gemstone goes well with black, brown, white, pale (sea foam) greenish-blue. This color with a slight tan is a great healthy look.

Here are a couple of the suggested palettes from Pantone that are complimentary with this color: The Under the Sea Palette and the Sympatico Palette; there are more, please, go use your search engine skills. The palettes are truly, very pretty.

One of the prettiest Sapphires (and rarest) is a peachy-pink color, named Padparadscha, Sri Lankan for lotus blossom. There is also Quartz that is colored the warm Living Coral color. Come and peruse our enamel jewelry, you might find a piece that color or one that compliments your existing coral.

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