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This is the time of year that brings rich colors! Add Smokey Quartz or rich red Garnet to your wardrobe!

Warm colors are typically: yellow, orange and reds; think sunset colors.

Cool colors are typically: blue, green and purples; think forests, mountains, blue oceans.

Take a basic brown or black dress/ top and add one of the warm colors via a necklace or pendant. Add a colorful scarf with a great gemstone brooch in a warm color. It changes the whole look of an outfit that you’ve worn multiple times before!

For many people this is there favorite time of the year, trees are striking colors of red and yellow. Remember Garnet comes in all colors, if you’ve never seen orange, it’s stunning! When you are looking for a change to your look think out of the box. Try colors that you haven’t worn with others before. You may find a new favorite combination.

So, what colors are you wearing on Thanksgiving? It’s just 20 days away!! Make it a dressier day, wear comfortable, but a notch up on casual clothes and bring out some of that great jewelry you have buried in that jewelry box. Wear it, don’t save it! (the kids want to remember seeing you wear something that they inherit) ;)

SPOILER ALERT! You only have 52 days to pick up those presents for Christmas…jus’ saying.


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