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Guidelines for a Distinctive Proposal

DGJ's top ten list to engagement proposals

Proposing to girlfriend - DGJ

One thing that we hear and see all the time is how people can get overwhelmed when it comes to picking out the perfect ring, or just the entire process of weddings. We are here to take some of that anxiety and burden off, that's truly what our job is. Here at DGJ the mission is to find something that works for you and make sure that it is something that you and your fiance will love. That is all that matters. We focus on the important things when it comes to picking out the perfect ring for your significant other. We are here to guide, help and make your special day even more special (and relaxed). So whether you want suggestions on some great places to go for the wedding gown shopping, perfect place for a bouquet or even the perfect venue to hold the reception. We are here to do that. Here are DGJ's ten steps to a more relaxed (and more enjoyable) engagement ring experience and getting married.

    1. Know her taste when making a DGJ engagement ring.

Diamonds and rings, like the people who wear them, range in all sorts of ways. We suggest for a flawless proposal to get to know her style just as well as you know her personality. A few ways that we suggest doing this is by talking to her friends and family on what the best style, look and shape to the diamond and ring that they think she would prefer. Remember to ask them for the 4 C's that they think she would prefer when it comes to the diamond, and the color of gold and style of ring she would like. 

Another way is to bring in one or a few of her favorite rings (secretly of course). Not only then can we get her finger size, but then we can get to know her style ourselves when we create and customize the perfect ring for her. You can even check her Social Media accounts (pinterest, instagram, etc) and see what we can do to match the styles! And our biggest tip to remember when picking style, if the ring is coming from you, she will love it; that's what really matters to her.

    1. Stay within your budget and goal date.

This is one of the most important things when picking a ring. Letting us know what your budget is can help us to find the best quality, color, cut, carat, and more for the ring that you want. We want to see every couple that walks in our doors happy, and we want to make sure they stay that way. We work with every couple to make sure that they get the perfect ring and stay within their budget so not only will they be happy with the price, but so they will be even happier about the quality of engagement ring they get.

As well, keeping the date that you have in mind is just as important. We all know, timing is the key to everything in life. We make sure that we stay on the schedule so that way you are on schedule when you pop the question. The turn around times vary for every ring, but we ensure to get you that ring so you can focus on other things for the proposal. Whether its the right things to say or making the reservation for the right place. Keeping one less worry on your mind is our specialty.

    1. Ask permission for her hand. Her Dad, Mom and You will be off to a great start.

A lot of people say, "Well, this is a no brainer" but the fact of the matter is it is something that is so crucial that we have to include it. Not only are you asking out of respect to her parents, but you are starting the relationship with your soon to be in-laws off on the right track. And while you are at it, ask for any advice. Her parents may give you the perfect place, or know the perfect person when it comes to wedding advice. Not only ask her parents permission, but talk to yours so that way they can be as excited for you as hers will be. One HUGE part of doing this that some may not think of is, ask WELL in advance to when you are going to propose! Give your parents and hers some time to relax before that big day, otherwise it could be a one-two punch for Dad to see his girl grow up so "fast". Sometimes it takes a bit for it to set in that Daddy's little girl is going to grow up.

    1. Make it a surprise by any means possible.

By this we simply mean that part of the fun for you is surprising your significant other with the ring. This doesn't mean to do something apsolutely outrageous, unless you feel that she would like it. All we are sayin is that their initial reaction is priceless. Try your best to keep it a secret and only tell those people that you know won't spoil the surprise. Half of the fun of the proposal is being secretive and keeping your fiance guessing. But always remember to play to their personality. If she is not too big on surprise engagements at a Chicago Bulls game, we suggest don't do it that way. Suprise her according to her personality, and always remember that sometimes all you need to do is K.I.S.S.

    1. Try to coordinate it with her regular nail appointment to prepare for that photograph.

Yes, we know that a diamond is beautiful, and that ring that she is wearing IS beautiful, but sometimes it's not just about how beautiful the ring is but everything having to do with those proposal photos. She should feel great and beautiful as well. Ask her for her hand in marriage when you go out for a nice dinner, she will be dressed up perfectly for those photos and she will be even happier when you planned this far ahead. And yes, when she gets her nails done that is a great time to go out to dinner and propose. She will be dressed up, her nails done for those closeup shots, and you will look like a superstar, and so will she.

    1. When dropping the famous line, always use her full name and drop to one knee.

Doing this is respectful, and proper. We always suggest this to every man that walks in ready to propose. Sometimes doing things the "classic" way are important, even though everybody else does it. No matter what you are doing for the proposal, there is always a time ti drop to one knee and say the lines. It shows that you have enormous respect for her and it's romantic!

    1. Make a sign that says... "I said YES!" or "She said YES!" for that selfie shot.

Although we just said that doing things in a classic way when proposing is important, so is staying modern. The selfie has changed the realm of pictures and commemorating moments in your life. We are not saying go out get a selfie stick and start taking thousands of photos, but a few sensible selfie's reallly can add some spice, modernity, and personaility to those proposal picks. And always remember, if you can, add a sign. This can add something different to that proposal and make that picture more lively. Or like this couple, take a video! Sometimes you can't beat your signifigant others face; capture that priceless emotion with a video!

    1. Try to have someone capture that moment.

Whether you capture it yourself like the couple above, or get a friend or photographer to get it... TAKE THAT SNAPSHOT! You will not regret it. Whether the pictures are candid or professional, it is super important to document this time in your life!

    1. Always include her level of romance in the proposal. Whether it's formal or casual, it's about the romance.

It's all about her and it's all about you. Keep the romance alive in your next step in the relationship. The reason you two are together is the romance and respect each other by knowing and embracing that level of romance. Like we said before, play to each other's personality. If she wants to be proposed in front of a crowd, or in a quiet coffee shop in downtown Frankfort, IL. Make sure you do what both of you will enjoy!

    1. Don't forget to share the moment with us (DGJ), after all we're like family now!

This is is the most important number if you ask us! We LOVE sharing that moment with the couples that we work with. We promise that we are as excited as she will be when you pull that ring out of your pocket and get down on one knee. We love to share that special experience with you and love to hear what is in stor for the new DGJ couple. Whether its bringing in your daughter for her first pair of earrings, or your son in to get his Engagement ring. We want to be there with you and see your family grow!

If you are looking for some ideas on what to get, take a look at our engagment rings we have to offer, or come in and look at our over 300 rings in our showcase! Remember if you have any questions, call us at 815-469-2929 or come in and talk to Tony, Joe, Lisa or any of the DGJ crew and we can help you out with any of the questions you have!

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