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Happy New Year!


Looking for a memorable gift? We can take your idea, maybe even some of your existing gemstones and create a new piece that will be the start of a memory for you and your family.

Creating jewelry in our CAD program allows us the flexibility to add or delete settings, diamonds instead of colored gemstones allowing you to actually see the piece and determine ahead of the actual construction if this is what you thought it would look like.

The two pieces that we used in our previous blog are examples of that work. I’ve attached them here again, so you can see you don’t always have to have the same shape stones to make a stunning piece. The white gold 5 stone ring can be the significance of celebration of milestones together, possibly the 5th grandchild.

Tony or Joe can speak with you about what you would like to create, no matter how big or small. Never rule out gemstones that you inherited, you can change the design from a woman’s piece to a man’s ring. You can take a ring and use the stones to create a new pendant or pendants. I have a girlfriend whose mother passed away and had this large cluster diamond ring. She had many granddaughters, so my friend took the ring and had multiple pendants made for each of the granddaughters, so they always have a piece of Grandma with them.

But, if what you are looking for is to create that perfect engagement ring….we can do that too!!


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