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Marriage and Engagement Rings



One of the most satisfying things that we, at DGJ, get to do is work with new couples and guide them through the begining steps of their new life together. The fact about marriage is that it is something that is beautiful and unique. Just as unique as each couple that comes in to our store, and just as unique as the engagement ring that we see each new couple come in to pick out.


We like to think that DGJ plays a vital role in those first steps in a couple's relationship. What we believe sets us apart, is that not only are we helping to get a couple to the new step in their relationship, but that we are creating a relationship with them as well. Whether we are helping to start those first steps towards the alter, or seeing the first steps of that couple's first child. We love to be a part of people's lives as much as they are a part of ours.





It always brings a smile to our face when we get to see each couple come in and we see the why they are getting married. Whether it be the goofy back and forth dialogue between them, and you can just tell they are best friends. Or the undying passion, care, and respect that each partner has for each other. It's times like that, that helps us see the true basic form of love. The true reason for marriage.


That couple's relationship that we get to see grow through the years is something that is so spectacular you would only think to hear it in only a fairytale. We see the couple grow together, and see families start and become closer. We appreciate the love that each couple has and we see it when she comes in faithfully to get her ring checked, cleaned, and repaired by us. Through that we see the love that the couple still has for each other. How much the ring meant, and means to her still. How much the person who gave her the ring means to her. That's the beautiful thing about what we get to do and see.

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