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May's Birthstone: Emerald


From describing the iconic diamond cut to even a city of fantasy and delight in the Wizard of Oz, the Emerald is a gem that has been a staple of the jewelry industry for centuries. Representing love, fertility and rebirth, the green hues and vivid tones of the Emerald is nature's beauty at work.The Emerald in ancient culture represented Venus, the God of love and beauty. Much like Bacchus with the Amethyst birthstone. Derived from the Greek word "Smaragdos" translating to "green stone" describing it's obvious attribute. Found in many cultures around the world, it is hard to deny the importance of this gem.

Value & History of the Emerald
As is with most birthstones, the darker and more rich the green color the more valuable the stone becomes. However, some of the most precious of these emeralds have the iconic dark green, but with a slight blueish tint. The prices range for an emerald based on the quality of the stone, and just as with diamonds, the cut, color and clarity are a big factor.

Emeralds and most gemstones have natural inclusion on them, though emeralds have more of an expectation to have inclusions based on the way they are crystalized. With more of a tolerance to inclusions on emeralds, the jewelry industry finds this gem is exceptionally rare. These gems have been used as currency and valued by many cultures from the ancient Romans and Nero, to Cleopatra and the Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptians prized the stone and had some of the first emerald mines. It was prized so much so that they would bury mummies with the stone to represent 'eternal 'youth'.

The Emerald, among the most famous member of the beryl family, is formed when chromium, vanadium, and iron are present when the mineral is formed. The varying amounts of these 3 elements is what give the emerald a range of colors. The Iron gives the stone the blueish tint, and the other two give the deep green color it is known for.

Why the Emerald for May?
The importance of this birthstone is obvious, from it's rarity and value, ancient civilizations have prized this stone for centuries. But why is it the birthstone for May? Our guess is because it has represented life and that spring-time feeling in numerous cultures. From the emerald Isles of Ireland, to the 'Emerald city' of Seattle, this gem has been the most opportune way to describe life and a lush green landscape.

May birthday's really luck out. One of the best month's when it comes to weather, the final month of school before Summer comes, and one of the most iconic of all gem and birthstones. If you are looking for any more information on the emerald, be sure to reach out to us with your questions or see the emerald birthstones we have in our showcases at our jewelry store in Frankfort, IL!

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