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My Heart is Yours!!

You’ve captured my heart! Whether you set this diamond in a ring (wow!) or in a pendant to keep it close to her heart, this diamond cut is rare and spectacular!


Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and diamonds are a girl’s best friend! If you just want to re-iterate your love for your spouse this would be breathtaking!

Remember a ring is for her to look at, as well as, others. A pendant is more for others to see, but for her to know it is closer to her heart.

Valentine’s Day is a popular day for couples to get engaged. It is the day of love (not just chocolate)!

A piece of jewelry is an emotional thing; you will always remember what day it was, where you were, and probably what you were wearing. I can look at pieces that I own and remember whether it was a gift or if I bought it for myself. Was it a significant achievement that I made to celebrate that purchase? Was it a lifelong dream piece?

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