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Part 2 of "The Big Story on Apple Watch"

Part 2 of “The Big story on Apple Watch”

“Even though Apple isn’t reporting specific sales figures on the Watch, Apple CEO Tim Cook went on record in July's quarterly earnings call to state that “sales of the watch did exceed [Apple’s] expectations” and that “Apple Watch sell-through was higher than the comparable launch periods of the original iPhone or the original iPad.” Cook also said that Watch sales actually increased in June compared to April and May, which ran counter to recent media reports.” Remember its Apple and I expected it to be another GRAND SLAM for them as a company. 
Are the Swiss nervous? Is this a repeat of the great Seiko movement of the 1970’s or the current bragging rights of Citizen watch? I have always said that the Swiss do what they do very well, because of the mechanical watch industry. Swiss Mechanical movements survived the great quartz movement take over, and they will survive this. As an Apple user and a PC user I rest with the favor of loving Apple products and also loving the Mechanical world of watches. My goal is to find good information and present it in a way that is distilled down.  
Now for my favorite part of the story; I am using information given from my personal request of Apple Watch users, three things that are Pro’s and three things that are Cons of an Apple Watch. I selected from my research three people that made the cut. (Yes picking three was not easy). So one conclusion has been that it was Only men that I came across from my findings. Unfortunately no ladies to ask :( ... So please do not be afraid to chime in here and let me know your thoughts. The men are as follows; all middle age men, Muhammad from Frankfort, Richard from Oakbrook, and Spencer from Frankfort.  

Spencer could not find any cons. I asked and asked and he barely gave a con even though I knew of a con from the conclusion of others, he declined to agree with even charging it every night. That’s why Spencer made the cut. He also loves apple as we can see. Yet the most interesting and my most favorite was from Muhammad. When he mentioned that he receives his daughter’s heartbeat with his Apple Watch, how does that not touch someone’s soul? It was such a passionate statement that at that moment I knew that Apple hit a home run.

Now to finish my Apple Watch Predictions:
-The next generation Apple Watch will be self-generating via solar power or oscillating wheel.
-An unopened, unused first generation Apple Watch will be sold at Auction in many years to come for a heck of a lot of tombola’s.
-Apple will Never be able to make a “waterproof” watch. Because I have a few people I know who know how to get water into a watch. Lol
And last but not least…
- Tony will probably not get one for Christmas

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