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PINK, Pink, pink


Some gemstones are given a lot of press; pictures, used for causes, etc.  Pink, especially pink sapphire is one of those gemstones.  But, there is a lot to be said for this pink gemstone.  From the earth or lab grown, quite a few girls gravitate to this pink gemstone.  I have done a blog that includes pink Tourmaline, but not one on pink Sapphire, which technically, is called Fancy Sapphire.  Any color other than blue is called Fancy Sapphire.  Blue is the only Sapphire that can be called just by its Species: Sapphire.

I found in my travels through the store, an ensemble of pink, lab grown Sapphire.  It really caught my eye.  Possibly because of the size of the gemstones, but the sparkle of the set is beautiful!  Now, I know a lot of you are fans of pink, bright pink (Sapphire), bubble gum pink (Topaz), purple pink  (Kunzite), peachy pink  (Morganite); me, I lean more toward the peachy pink and bright pink hues.

This ensemble falls into the bright pink category and was just screaming take my picture.  So, I did!  I think you’ll like this set.

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