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Radiant Cut Diamonds



A radiant cut is considered a fancy cut; all diamond cuts other than a round brilliant carry this title. We love fancy right ladies?!

The radiant cut diamond was originated around 20 years ago. It is the first rectangular cut to have complete brilliant faceting on both the crown (top) and the pavilion (bottom), thus giving it a more dazzling look than the emerald cut. You still have the outside shape of the emerald cut, but the brilliance and the fire of a round brilliant. Marrying the best of the two shapes! What an extraordinary cut for your engagement ring!

The most common facet pattern of a radiant has 62 facets, but some could have as many as 70 facets. A radiant cut makes a wonderful center stone for an engagement ring. It can also be used in a lovely three stone configuration anniversary ring as well.

Remember the “bow-tie” effect? Any stone that has uneven width to length dimensions you want to watch out for this. You need to watch for this in the rectangular shaped radiant. The bow-tie effect will detract from the overall brilliance of this cut. An excellent cut and polish will eliminate or diminish this issue.

The radiant cut is truly a stunning cut! You will get that small headlight look from across the room, but yet have the elegance and sophistication of the rectangular shape. Another diamond shape that women will say to their friends in a whisper, “did you see that ring?”

This cut is fantastic for colored diamonds! Radiant cuts intensify the color! Think yellow, blue, how about champagne?


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