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Richness of Color

Richness of Colors 

Bear with me here; I’m going geeky for a few paragraphs.

Most of us know what primary colors are.  Before the discovery of the printing colors used in your printers CMYK[K stands for Key], mainly as far back as the Goethe period, the best primary colors were thought to be Red, Yellow, and Blue (RYB).  Most of us were taught in school, THESE are the primary colors.  Mixing in equal parts produces Orange, Green and Purple. 

Yellow +Red=orange

Red +Blue=purple

Blue +Yellow=green 

For the human eye, the colors of red, green, and blue are the good primary colors. This color wheel, Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) has replaced the RYB color wheel due to the scientific discovery that it allows brighter and more saturated colors, using the primary and secondary colors and makes a larger subset of colors.

 From these, other colors can be created, they are secondary colors. 

Green + Red =yellow

Red + Blue=Magenta (purplish red/reddish purple)

Blue + Green=Cyan (light greenish blue) 

We’ve all picked out paint colors right?  The cool part here is if you added all RGB colors (in equal parts) together the result is white!  Who would have thought!

The Big Three colored gemstones of the world are RGB, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire.  A lot of folks are drawn to these colors of gemstones, more so than the pastels.  My daughter is a primary gemstone person.  It is the richness of the colors that draws your eye and soul.  Most of us are drawn to a particular primary color, Red of passion, Green of grass, Blue of the ocean.  98% of the world would choose blue as their favorite color. 

So, what’s your richness color?  Red?  Green?  Blue?  Think of your Christmas tree ornament colors…that’s your passion color. 


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