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GIA books make reference to the discovery of rubies about 3000 B.C.! The Old Testament describes the “ruby” in a high priest’s breastplate. It is referred to as the king of precious stones.

Lore has it that ruby cured blood disorders or healed wounds; most likely due to the rich, blood red color. According to thirteenth century medical literature, they were also believed to cure digestive disorders. Burmese warriors inserted them under their skin for protection in battle!

Burmese rubies are the standard by which all other rubies are judged. If you have never seen a Burmese ruby (Burma is now called the Union of Myanmar) it is a stunning gemstone to behold. Please, go Google ruby on the GIA website. They call the finest Burmese color, pigeon blood red.

For those of you with a July birthday, it is your birthstone. Fine Ruby, whether it is Burmese, Sri Lanka, Thailand, is beautiful. Come in and see some of the beautiful rings and pendants that are available.

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