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Santa Claus is Coming to Town.


We would like to start this post by giving the information about Santa and where you can meet and see him this year: Starting this Tuesday, in Tinley Park, Santa will be available for pictures from 7pm-9pm; Santa will be in his sleigh until December 23rd. Bring the kids, and take a picture. The address; 8930 Fairfield Lane Tinley Park, IL 60487.

Santa's stop at Distinctive Gold Jewelry
Now and again Distinctive Gold Jewelry has been frequented by all sorts of Christmas cheer each year. One year we had an "Elf" (Tony's Son) dress up and hand out candy canes. And this Christmas' the cheer came from one of our customers. From THE Santa Claus.

Every year around this time, in walks a man that is right out of the storybook. Jolly and round; white beard and full of joy, as if he was right off of the Coca-Cola bottle! We affectionately say "Santa! What's new?" every time he walks into the store. Knowing his love for the holidays, he gives a great "Ho Ho Ho" or other jolly responses and we start talking. His home in Tinley Park is a Winter Wonderland and is the North Pole.

He regales us with tales about the holiday and his experiences bringing cheer to the community. Like every customer we create a great relationship with him and learn more.

This year Santa had an especially interesting story to tell:

He told us about about a man who brought his children to see Santa and get a picture with jolly old Saint Nick. As the man sent his kids to get the picture with Santa, he asked, "Sir, come in for the picture as well!" The man politely said "No" and waved his hands. Then Santa asked again, "When was the last time you took a picture with Santa?" And the man stopped, and thought, and said "You're right" and got in the picture with Santa and his children.

As the kids were running off to explore the Winter Wonderland, the man turned to him and said, "Thank you so much, as a kid I grew up as an orphan, and was never able to take a picture with Santa. Thank you so much."

When we heard this story, we knew we had to share it. It was something so touching that we couldn't help but share. We like to take this story as a way to remember the great things about the holidays and what they are about. Spending time with your Children and enjoying and giving them a great time.

He has been been setting up his home and filling his neighborhood and community with Christmas cheer for over 10 years and loves every minute of it! Outside of the home you can see all the beautiful lights, the festive decorations and of course, the one and only Santa! See below for a video tour, and be sure to stop by and see Santa!



And in case Santa didn't see Tony's letter yet, he attached it here. He was hoping Santa could help with this one! P.S. Be sure to read the Post Scripts!

Tony's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I herd you are making a special appearance in Tinley Park. I plan on stoping by, but in case I can't get offf work, I figured this letter might help. I’m not sure how to ask this, but here it goes… I would love the new game for my x-box “NHL 16”, an aloominum shaft hockey stick, or a Patrick Kane official sweater … he’s number 88. But you probably know that. I think I’ve been good, but I guess you know that two!

PS … It would be great if you could bring a present for my wife too… she's realy nice and feeds the family realy well.
PSS… If you could help bring “Peace on Earth” I’d like that instead of anything else.

- Tony D.


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