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So you have an April birthstone?!

Lucky you!! We talk a lot about gemstones in general, red ones, blue ones but, those of you who have diamond as your birthstone what luck! They don’t have to be unobtainable items. Maybe you have some tax refund or bonus money that you may want to invest in a forever piece of jewelry.

In the next few blogs we’ll go over some of the items every woman should have in her (if you will) jewelry arsenal. First get a great jewelry box, it’s a lifetime piece. Make sure it has plenty of space for rings. They do make just ring boxes now with Plexiglas tops so you can see the rings. The rolled felt of where you place a ring can also hold earrings. Get a Silver polishing cloth and a rouge cloth. Ask DGJ about the rouge, you can also Google it. It polishes Gold wonderfully!

Every woman should have some variation of the following:

Diamond stud earrings (they don’t have to be 1ct, ½ ct with the right color can be seen across the room! You can have them custom made to fit your budget. Ask Tony, Joe or Lisa.

Pearl earrings (stud) cannot stress this enough! They are timeless, wear with jeans, fancy dresses, anything! Your first should be a set of Japanese Akoyas. Good Akoyas have a mirror like finish. DGJ can help you get a lovely pair; they don’t have to be 10mm. Standard size pearls are 6.5 to 7mm. Buy the best grade you can afford. They are graded as A, AA, or AAA. White with a silver overtone is the classic. But, rose overtones may be your choice. (your next pair?)

Gold hoop earrings, casual enough to wear every day, but gold is timeless; they can transition to a more special occasion. They don’t have to be 2” long, a 1” pair is very tasteful.

Gold chains in various lengths (either white Gold or yellow preferably some of both) strong enough to hold a decent size gemstone pendant. Keep in mind, you can change the pendants off the chains ladies!

Bangle bracelet, flexible bangles (ones that lie flat when taken off are great)

Good watch –one that has style but also accurate! ESQ, Seiko (I have Seikos that have lasted longer that a husband, like the commercial!)

Signature ring, any design, one that everyone knows you by. It can be your birthstone, signet ring with your initial or a small diamond pinky ring.

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