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The August Birthstone from Outer Space!


Found in lava, metorites and formed deep within the Earth's mantle, Peridot is one of the most intense birthstones. With it's green color and hue, this gem is said to cure nightmares and is traditionally given as a gift for a 15 year anniversary. The birthstone for August has been a top choice for jewelry since ancient times and continues to be today.

History of the Peridot
The word 'peridot' (pear-ih-doe) comes from the Arabic word for gem - "faridat". Also known as the "Evenening Emerald", peridot is of a gentler and lime green hue. It is from a variety of mineral known as 'olivine' and is of igneous formation. It is formed deep within the Earth's mantle and is prospected and mined near lava and other volcanic activity making it a 'fiery' and passionate stone. Much of it's ancient lore revolves around this love and passion, and bringing good fortune to lovers and others for the year to come.

The Egyptians, most notably Clepatra, would most likely be wearing the peridot instead of the emeralds that you may be picturing her in. Known to them as the "gem of the sun", it is found near Egypt and the Red Sea however it can be found all around the world. In the U.S. it can be found in the west and southern states, as well as Hawaii.

August's Birthstone Color
Peridot gets its lime green or yellow-green color from the chemicals within it's make up. Peridot contains large amounts of iron and magnesium, resulting in the yellowish green colors you see. The iron is the true culprit for it's color and when peridot is formed, it is found in volcanic rocks called basalts, which are rich in these two elements.

Although green gems are often thought to be associated with Emeralds, their are more than 4.5 billion peridot stones around the world. So maybe the new 'king of green' is the peridot?

The Birthstone from Outer Space
Yes we made a 1950's horror movie reference, but the truth is that this gemstone has been found in the final frontier. First found in metorites that have fallen to Earth, this is one of the few gems that has been found in an extraterrestial fashion. This "alien" has been found on Mars and the moon as well.

Furthermore, NASA has found this birthstone in the dust of a comets known as Tempel1 and Wild2. NASA sent a ship in early 2004 ironically called "Stardust" to collect samples from these comets. When the ship came back to Earth they found the comets contained the little green gem, but no little green men.

So for all you with August birthdays, you are truly out of this world!

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