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The Bliss of Emerald

Traditionally the birthstone for May is Emerald.  Green goes with everything; every plant has green leaves no matter the color of the flower.

Emerald stories state it is the stone of abiding love, domestic bliss, and loyalty.  It was associated with faithfulness and devotion.  It was supposed to eliminate negativity in relationships, even to the point of removing that negative partner!!  Lore has it, that Nero would watch his gladiators through an emerald crystal.

So, if you were searching for a colored gemstone to have as your focal point of your engagement ring, maybe Emerald is the right choice for the abiding love and domestic bliss we all would desire. What a story your ring would have!

If you are searching for your birthstone and want an affordable option, we carry wonderful stackables that you can add more than just your birthstone with, in the course of any event, throughout the year.  Stackable rings are small reminders of achievements, celebrations, remembrances, or if you’re like me, sometimes I just can’t make up my mind and would like many in one “set”.

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