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Watch this!

Watch this!

Watches used to be an essential jewelry item for everyone.  Now days, you need to carry a cell phone.  But, a lot of companies don’t want employees on their cell phones or the job scenario wouldn’t be safe for you to use a cell phone.

Watches still have a great use, you can see it if your keyboarding, holding a piece of lumber to measure, and it’s silent (unless you set an alarm)!!

All that being said, watches can be beautiful pieces of jewelry too.  Some watches today can connect to the Internet count your steps, etc.  The extras that watches can perform are called complications, a fancy phrase for extra functions that a watch can deliver.  A good watch can deliver date, hour, minutes, seconds, time in another time zone, alarms, stop watch function, glow in the dark, and be water proof to several atmospheres.  Just the waterproof feature alone beats a cell phone!  Some watches now run on solar energy (I have one, it’s a Seiko)..some run on the movement of your arm as you walk or swing your arm, it winds the movement, that’s called a mechanical watch, no batteries needed!  Accurate watches are something a lot of people want and need in their lives.    My new one isn’t a year old yet, so time will tell (no pun intended).  Here’s a good tip, if a watch is designated “chronometer” then It will only loose + or – 6 seconds per day. Great feature to look for!

Swiss movements (the internal mechanism) are one of the best.  You don’t have to pay crazy 5 digit prices to get a watch that will last you a lifetime, be gorgeous, and be able to pass it down to someone else. 

Tony said they like to deal with companies that have their own in house movements.  This means the watch company really know the watches they sell and can send replacement parts.  They are the ones sought after by collectors.   It’s like understanding who makes your car, is it a Cadillac body, but actually the engine was manufactured in a Chevy plant somewhere?

Men in particular, like the prestige of owning a stylish, complicated, time piece.  Ask my son, he has 2 boxes full.  He loves watches. The boxes are works of art in their own right, burl wood maple and mahogany. 

If you ever wondered, what would a jeweler wear as a watch? They have so many choices.  Here’s the one:

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