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What Time Is It? (Father's Day!) G-Shock Time

The Example Man in Your Life

Dad, Daddy, Father, Poppa…. Whatever you call the man you look up to in your life, he desires the gift of time, both in jewelry and with you. Why not give him the jewelry and then make the time for something he loves to do with you. Which is probably anything!!

If your Dad doesn’t wear jewelry, he’s a guy who works with his hands; he still needs to be able to tell time. Why not have that time piece be a piece of technical art?

The G-Shock watch is sophisticated and functional. It’s shock resistant, water resistant, atomic time keeping (how cool is that?), has a sapphire crystal, solar technology and if all that wasn’t enough, Amazon Blue Tooth technology…need I say more? This is the tech watch that all guys will be proud to wear. Solar technology alone is one of the coolest techs you can get in a watch. It DOESN’T NEED BATTERIES. Light powers the watch, any light. Come in and check these watches out. It checks all the boxes. Even if your Example has A watch; he’d love, love, love, this one.

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