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Why the Movado Motion X Can Change Your Life

Movado Motion X Review



movado motion x available in frankfort, il
When I state "life-changing" with this watch, I mean it. I have seen from my own experience how it has increased my personal well-being and health. It isn't a life-changing event like buying an engagement ring or proposing can be, but life-changing in the way that making a small change to your regular routine can change your overall self. The event I am referring to is using the Movado Motion X to it's full capabilities. If you are in the market for a new Movado watch, this is the one to get, hands down!

The Movado Motion X available in Frankfort, IL
One of the most recent additions to Distinctive Gold Jewelry's watch collection is the Movado Motion X Collection. This collection takes the classic and high quality design found in all Movado's, and marries it with the capabilities and functions of a "smart watch" such as the FitBit. This watch adds the style and comfort that you look for in a watch and a handy and quite easy, mobile app that works for your Android or IOS device. Anyone, man or women in the Frankfort, IL area looking to add this to their collection is making a "smart" choice.

Movado watches has teamed up with the Motion X team to give this watch some technological advantages, as well as the style that many look for in a watch. The Movado Motion X collection offers 3 great options for men, women, and athletes of all sorts in the Frankfort, IL area.

Museum Sport
This watch comes in a little bit more pricey but also comes in both a rubber strap or a metal band. We recommend this watch for the businessman, young or old, that wants to work at being more active while in the office or on the weekends. (This is the watch that I have personally worn and will show my findings in the rest of this article).
Bellina Motion
The Movado Bellina Motion is created for women. It is sleeker and adds the feminine touch to any style. Perfect for business women and any lady looking to stay track their steps and more! I highly recommend this for any lady looking for a fashionable way of staying healthy.
Movado Bold
This watch is less expensive compared to it's counterparts but adds the Movado Bold style to the smartwatch category. With less focus on the design and style, but still adding the Movado flavor, this is the perfect choice for everyday-leisure style.
Whichever style fits you or your personality, this watch's technological functions that it has help to keep you fit and monitor your steps, health and sleep cycles.

Features on the Movado Motion X
I am sure many are wondering "Alright, so it's a Fitbit wrapped inside of a Movado". And you are right, but the disadvantages that the Fitbit has, is addressed and fixed with this Movado Watch. We think that anyone that wears their Fitbit for a week, then tries the Motion X will see what we are talking about.

Style & Comfort
One big gripe that you can find in reviews of the Fitbit is A) the way it looks and B) the way it feels. Many women and men find that the Rubber strap and look is not what they want. The look is great for when you are running a marathon, but in a boardroom or talking to clients... it clashes with the business attire. Imagine being in a pitch to a new client in Chicago and having that on your wrist versus the Movado.

The comfort complaints that we have all heard about the itchy or annoyingly tight plastic strap on the Fitbit has is fixed with Movado. They are a watch company that married with a technology company to create this, not the other way around. They know what you want in a watches feeling and comfort.

Step and Calorie Counter
This watch tracks your steps, tells you how many calories you have burnt in a day, and has a "Coach" to help you reach your goals. It counts steps by tracking your movement, and it tracks it really well compared to most on the market. It is hard to trick this watch into extra steps. It tells you your overall calories burnt by steps and activity, as well as at rest (yes, you burn calories sleeping and not exercising too).

You can set Active alerts on this watch to remind you "Hey time to get out of the chair and take a walk". In other words it lets you know when you are being inactive. Helping to push yourself out of your chair, off your butt and moving around; Increasing your steps and keeping you active. This, the alarm and knowing your steps are all done, without opening up an app!

Sleep Cycle Log
Probably the best feature about this watch is that it tracks how you sleep, logs it and is incredibly accurate! By a simple 3 second press on the crown of the watch, you set it into "Sleep Mode" and it tracks the light and deep sleep you get throughout the night. Tracking your sleep and sleeping properly will help you to become more healthy and help you achieve a better overall life. When you wake, 3 second push on the crown and BAM! Back into action, aka activity mode to start tracking your steps again. No need for opening up an App on your phone to get this done!

My findings after wearing the Movado
After wearing the watch personally for a little over a week now, I can attest to 2 things:

1. You will be suprised at how many steps you take

2. You will be disappointed on how few steps you take

These 2 findings may be worded oddly, but I mean them like this - getting ready in the morning for 30 minutes I get 300 steps. Not bad! But by the end of the day, I am at 1,800 steps. Not quite my goal of 5,000 steps in a day.

I, like most, work at a job that requires a lot of "sitting" and working at the computer. So for me it was a real wakeup call when you only reach half your goal from 6am until 10pm at night. But like most that wear a Fitbit, using this information to get me out of my seat is what I like the most. It fires me up to get out and take the 5 minute break to get water or to take the "long way" to get back from the lunchroom.

I am a 23 year old man, working in a business world and the moment Dad came to me talking about this watch, I knew it was the watch I have wanted. I have a natural affinity towards watches having worked at Distinctive Gold Jewelry and being a part of it. But why did I never buy a Fitbit or an Apple Watch? Simple. I don't need to text, email or play on apps with my watch. I don't like the look of a plastic watch. I want a watch that I can wear with style and fashion that I can wear in a business setting, or on the weekends. I talked to Dad, bought the watch, and have never been happier. Speaking of Dad, his favorite feature is that looking at the sub-dial (right above the 6:00 position) gives you a quick reference to the percent achieved of your daily goal. So there is no need to fire up the app to find out.

I especially have never been happier with it's effect on my personal life. I have found that I am more conscious of getting up, taking a walk and pushing that step counting needle further and further. When I first wore it I told myself, don't do anything that I normally won't do. I found that eventually you realize how long you sit and do not move in a day. After that, I started moving and went from achieving about 25% of my goal in a day, to getting to 60% - 80% of the step goal of 5,000. In all, I have seen that I am more active now after the watch, than before. That's what has changed my life. Getting up and being active - whether it was by the inactivity alarm or my own self awareness.

If you are in the market for a new Movado, or looking to get a higher-end classier watch. Than this is a no brainer. I recommend this watch to anyone that is looking to get a new Movado watch.

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