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Why We Chose To Be A Chamilia Retailer over Pandora?

Chamilia Bead and Bracelets in Frankfort IL

For some history on Chamilia and DGJ before we get to the nitty-gritty. Chamilia jewelry has been reinvented. Here at Distinctive Gold Jewelry, we are celebrating over 15 years as a representative of the brand. With such a long history it is no doubt that we have seen Chamilia beads come and go, beads that retire, and new beads that come out almost every 3 months. We have seen the bracelet bead business go from 'who is Chamilia' and 'what is a Pandora' to a frenzy 'must-have' jewelry piece of the year. Over 15 years ago Distinctive Gold in Frankfort, IL was given the opportunity and decision: Does Distinctive Gold Jewelry carry Pandora or Chamilia? Well after 15 years of great beads and beautiful unique jewelry, we are more than happy with our decision to carry Chamilia. From its beautiful design to being on Oprah’s 100 favorite Things. So, why did we choose Chamilia over all the other brands.

Distinctive Gold Jewelry’s Reasons to Pick Chamilia vs Pandora: 


    • An American Heritage Bead Company - Chamilia all began out of Minneapolis, Minnesota with the objective of creating a beaded bracelet that was American Owned. Unlike Pandora and other brands that are huge conglomerate company that loses touch with its customers wants, needs, and desires in the bead and bracelet products. This was a large factor to our decision.

    • First Authorized Bead Company to make Disney Icons - Winning Disney is no easy task. Disney is extremely particular how the beads appear and the features for each sterling silver charm. In order to do this, Chamilia had to get cerative and work hand in hand with Disney to create this. Now, Pandora has won this battle and offers these themed charms, but the charms that Chamilia offers have evolved beyond Disney.

    • Priced Point Items that Maximizes Value - Chamilia has again and again been at the better price point with sterling silver and glass design than some of its competitors. If you are looking for a sterling silver bracelet and beads that won't break your wallet or budget, then Chamilia is your choice 100%. No paying for the logo on the box.

    • Chamilia kept the Bead Business to the Retailer - Chamilia has kept its promise unlike other brands that have now set up satellite stores encroaching on their retailers. Pandora has set-up stores in the vicinity of the same local jewelry stores that supported them in the early days. This has shown to frustrate many of the Pandora retailers, and if they can't trust the brand to keep their best interests in mind, how can the consumers?

  • First to use Swarovski elements - Swarovski crystals have been a staple in art and the jewelry industry for some time now. With the Swarovski group now in control of the Chamilia brand, there is a freedom to the designs of their beads to be truly exceptional.
    • They are the 'Under Dog Story' - Chamilia jumped into an industry that is highly competitive and they have stayed competitve in one way: providing top quality bracelets and beads at a price that can not be beat. Chamilia truly understands its customers and the industry and fought its way to the top.

    • Their Sterling Icons Do Not All Look like “Puffer Fish” - Frankfort residents that have made the transition from other brands will recognize this. We have seen countless complaints of other brand's beads being "too round" or look awful.

    • The finest Murano Glass out there - The industry of glass blowing, and Chamilia and Murano has picked the right people that can make the right shapes and designs. With intricacies like gold flakes in the glass to mixtures ofcolors on the beads, boldness and beauty is a neccessity.

    • They Made Oprah’s list in 2014 and are predicted to make Oprah’s Holiday Picks in the future - What more do we have to say? If Oprah loves it how can you hate it! Distincitve Gold Jewelry saw the Limitied Edition "12 Days of Christmas" Beads fly out the showcase; and our customers from Frankfort and all around fell in love!

  • We can keep a large inventory with lots of options - As one of the longest lasting retailers of Chamilia, Distinctive Gold has become the staple in Frankfort, IL to get your beads for your bracelet and the bracelet itself. Not to mention that we have had a large, in-stock inventory since 2011 and the ability to get the beads our customers want.

Do Chamilia beads fit on my Pandora Bracelet?

This is a question we see all the time and like most things with jewelry there is a caveat, every jewelry piece is different. Like diamonds or engagement rings, every piece is different, and every piece has its own fit. So to this question the answer is: Yes, almost every Pandora bead fits on a Chamilia bracelet and almost every Chamilia bead fits on a Pandora bracelet. We have found that around "90%" of the time the beads are interchangeable. Every so often we find that a bead fits a bit tighter on the other brands bracelet, but the best way to find out is to bring in the bracelet to test it in-store.

If you are looking for Chamilia bracelets or Chamilia beads in the Frankfort area, be sure to stop in at Distinctive Gold Jewelry in Frankfort, IL and find the bead you are looking for. Get in touch with us by phone at 815-469-2929 and we will answer any of your questions you have on Chamilia.

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