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Women's World Cup Final 2015





Just as much as everyone else may be, DGJ is overly excited about the Women's World Cup Final. We have been following the World Cup this year fervently cheering on the Women to victory. And you better believe we are happy to see this rematch between USA and Japan from the Final in 2011. In 2011, the game didn't end as well as American fans would have liked. It ended with a Japan win in a penalty shootout, one of the most nerve-racking and intense aspects to the sport. Not to mention that it was the final... The game itself was a beautiful game and we watched as Japan kept fighting back and came back from a deficit twice as the Americans were counting down the minutes until the end of the game.

This year we are happy to see the rematch more than ever. This is the year, we are sure of it. This year, we think we are more ready than we were in 2011. With the amount of talent that is on this years soccer team, from Hope Solo to Alex Morgan; we can't wait to see this team play. We know that Japan is a great team and that they are a huge possession team, but keeping patience and a cool head will be extremely important. We have a lot of confidence going into this game and we are excited to see this game play out!

We will be representing the Red, White and Blue with our jersey's today and will be customizing our Chamilia Bracelets and FourKeeps Lockets. It's our favorite way to represent our favorite team. Can't wait to watch this game and watch them dominate on the field.

Good luck to the entire team! Go USA!

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