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You wish April was your birth month, just for the birthstone!!

So…. you say you have an April birthday?!

Stand up if you hate your April birthstone! ….I thought so, who hates DIAMONDS?! Those of us who don’t have April as our birthstone, we still love diamonds too!! What’s not to love? There’s sparkle and more SPARKLE!!! They come in colors, every color under the sun. Who has a birthstone like that???

Now, you do not have to be crazy rich to own diamonds. I’m attaching pictures that are directly off our website. Black and White, Blue and White it doesn’t have to look like an engagement ring.

How about a pendant? We have a ribbon/cross pendant that is gorgeous, a symbol of your faith or a symbol of entwining love.

Most women long to have that iconic diamond bracelet. But, can you picture having a blue diamond bracelet?

You can give your daughter, your granddaughter, your niece pieces of diamond jewelry they will keep in their hearts forever

and then pass them down! AND they have a history to share of that piece (provenance).

We have beautiful men’s rings too. I’m not forgetting my son (born in April). Here’s a fact: men will wear diamond rings if YOU buy them for them. They will, they just don’t want to buy one for themselves.


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